Robyn Jane Kirwan


My Inspiration:

I'm 18 based in Essex,England. My talent lies in editing/photoshop. I also have a knowledge of photography(A Level) and am a self-taught make up artist.
I started Photography 2 years ago by chance and luckily discovered something I really liked.
From then on i worked on making a name for myself, recently i have teamed up with another photographer/Make-up Artist , our company name is JK Photography and make-up' which we are stilll working on to get it up and running. We will offer photography and make-up - together or seperately.

I'm a dreamer, and have so much hope for the future :) I'd really like to work in the movie industry some day...creating dramatic posters and promotional images!

So thats my story! :)

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  • Photography
  • Retouching
  • Editing
  • Design
  • Make-up


  • Photoshop